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Division of Health Care Services

The Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) website was the target of a cyberattack (see May 18, 2021 press release (PDF)). The DHSS website was taken offline the evening of Monday, May 17, 2021 while the investigation is being conducted and will be unavailable to the public until further details are known about the incident. In the interim, the Division of Health Care Services has published this temporary page to provide Alaskans with critical contact information. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. Visit the DHSS Website Outage page for department contacts and cyberattack updates.

COVID-19 Information

Background Check Section

  • Contact the Background Check Program


Please read ALL of the following information, including the INTERIM BACKGROUND CHECK APPLICATION PROCESS (PDF) attachment, BEFORE calling the Background Check Program. If you have questions after reading the information we have provided, staff will be happy to answer your questions. We ask for your patience, as the Background Check Program is currently experiencing a high volume of calls. Staff are making every effort to ensure continuity of services and to provide alternate means of conducting business while critical platforms are unavailable.

Following the recent cyberattack on the DHSS website, NABCS was taken offline to prevent further disruption. The Background Check Program will temporarily rely solely upon a manual process and review of APSIN, CourtView, Prober, OIG, JOMIS, Alaska Professional Licenses, and the National Sex Offender Registry to determine whether a provisional background clearance can be issued. 

Until further notification:

  • all new applications must be submitted using an interim BCP hard copy application (PDF).
  • if you submitted an application on or prior to May 17th, and
    • have NOT received an email confirmation of a provisional clearance, you must submit a new hard copy application (PDF) and proof of payment.
    • HAVE received email confirmation of a provisional clearance, no additional action is necessary.
Read the Interim Background Check Application Process (PDF) for instructions on completing the new interim hard copy application.

Third-Party Vendor Background Checks
On May 11, 2021, the department allowed providers to use third party background checks while CourtView was down due to the court system cyberattack. If you have been using a third-party vendor, you may continue to use that process for provisional approval through May 23rd. Effective May 24th, the Background Check Program will resume CourtView review of all applications.

This process is subject to change. Any changes will be noticed here and on Alaska Medicaid Health Enterprise, and Alaska DHSS social media (Facebook, and Twitter).

Medicaid Section

If you are a Medicaid Recipient and you need assistance:

  • Division of Public Assistance Virtual Call Center
    How to apply, application or eligibility status, report a change, recertification, eligibility cards
  • Medicaid Recipient Helpline
    Medicaid coverage questions, fair hearings, Care Management Program, general questions
    800-780-9972 or
  • Medicaid Recipient Handbook (PDF)

If you are a Medicaid Provider and you need assistance:

Conduent: Medicaid Fiscal Agent Call Center

  • Medicaid Provider Enrollment
    800-770-5650 (option 1, 3) or 907-644-6800 (option 2)
  • Medicaid Billing Procedures and Claims Status
    800-770-5650 (option 1, 1) or 907-644-6800 (option 1, 1)
  • Automated Voice Response System (AVRS)
  • Medicaid Recipient Eligibility Verification
    800-770-5650 (option 1, 1, 2) or 907-644-6800 (option 1, 2)
  • Medicaid Service Authorization (dental, travel, durable medical equipment, vision services, etc.)
    800-770-5650 (option 1, 2) or 907-644-6800 (option 5)
  • General Provider Inquiries
    800-770-5650 (option 1, 1, 1) or 907-644-6800 (option 1, 1)
  • Additional Conduent contact telephone numbers
  • Alaska Medicaid Health Enterprise
    Provider billing manuals, pharmacy provider resources, forms, remittance advice messages, fee schedules, etc.

Magellan: Medicaid Pharmacy Clinical Call Center

Comagine: Medical Service Authorization and Clinical Case Management

Health Facilities Licensing and Certification Section

Residential Licensing Section