Healthy Alaskans 2020

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Pilot Implementation Activities

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Evidence-based Strategies:
Increase high school graduation

Alaska Strategies

  1. Expand and strengthen quality early childhood programs.

  2. Create safe and supportive learning environments in schools.

  3. Support basic education and GED preparation for young Alaskan adults who have not graduated from high school.

  4. Support a career and technical education system to prepare the population for Alaska careers.

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Other Strategies

What Works Clearinghouse

Description: What Works Clearinghouse. Review of the research on different programs and strategies for dropout prevention, completing school, progressing in school, staying in school. Summary comparison of evidence of effectiveness of interventions.

Specific Programs/Strategies: 13 school-based interventions with positive or potentially positive effects are compared.

  • Target Audience: Adolescents, Adults
  • Setting: School
  • Recommendation: Positive or Potentially Positive-Only interventions with research evidence that meets WWC standards are included in the summary results.
  • Review Agency: National Center for Education Evaluation
  • Related Topics: Dropout prevention, completing school, progressing in school, staying in school
  • Website: What Works Clearinghouse

Success for All Foundation

Description: Success for All Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to development, evaluation, and dissemination of research-proven reform models for preschool, elementary, middle, and high schools, especially those serving many children considered at risk. The foundation offers educational programs to help students achieve grade-level performance across the curriculum and reach their full potential.

Specific Programs/Strategies: Success for All is a whole-school reform strategy that features research-proven tools, cooperative learning to engage students and collaborative leadership for continuous improvement. Success for All makes reading the cornerstone of the curriculum and incorporates four essential strategies: Leadership for Continuous Improvement, Schoolwide Support and Intervention Tools, Powerful Instruction, and Professional Development and Coaching.

  • Target Audience: Children, Adolescents
  • Setting: School, Community
  • Recommendation: Effective
  • Review Agency: OJJDP Model Programs Guide; What Works Clearinghouse; Coalition for EB Policy
  • Related Topics: Not applicable
  • Website: Success for All Foundation