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Pilot Implementation Activities

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Evidence-based Strategies:
8. Reduce poor mental health among adolescents

Alaska Strategies

  1. Identify young people experiencing or at risk of experiencing severe depression and connect them to screening and treatment services.

  2. Provide services to support all young people in developing a sense of competence, usefulness, belonging, and empowerment.

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Other Strategies

Adolescent Coping with Depression Course (CWD-A)

Description: The Adolescent Coping with Depression Course (CWD-A) is a skills-based small-group treatment program for actively depressed adolescents. The intervention consists of 16 sessions delivered over a period of eight weeks, with six monthly continuation sessions.

Specific Programs/Strategies: Adolescents are taught several skills hypothesized to relieve depression, including assertiveness, relaxation skills, cognitive restructuring techniques, mood monitoring, increasing pleasant activities, and communication and conflict-resolution techniques. A parent component helps keep parents aware of what their teens are learning in the program regarding general topics discussed, skills taught, and the rationale for their use.

Coping with Stress Course (CWS)

Description: The Coping with Stress Course (CWS) targets adolescents at risk for depression who are experiencing elevated depressive symptoms, or "demoralization." The program involves cognitive-restructuring techniques in which participants learn to identify and challenge negative or irrational thoughts that may contribute to the development of future mood disorders, such as depression. 

Specific Programs/Strategies: The theoretical background of the Coping with Stress Course is that teaching adolescents new coping strategies and strengthening their current coping skills provide them with some measure of "immunity" or resistance against the development of mood disorders later in life. The aim of CWS is to enhance at-risk adolescents' resilience in order to counteract their vulnerability to depression and other mood disorders.

  • Target Audience: Adolescents (13-18)
  • Setting: School, Clinical, Community
  • Recommendation: Proven
  • Review Agency: Promising Practices Network
  • Related Topics: Not applicable
  • Website: Coping with Stress Course (CWS)