Evidence-Based Strategies

Evidence-based strategies provide the basis for Actions for Success, the Healthy Alaskans 2020 blueprint to reach the 25 health goals for the decade.

Use the web links on the right to find Alaska Strategies, Actions and Key Partners:

  • Alaska Strategies were identified by groups of content experts through a rigorous review process. Public health partners around the state are aligning work around these approaches adapted to Alaska’s unique needs.
  • Actions are specific and measurable activities or interventions based on priority Alaska Strategies and currently underway in Alaska. Key Partners are the agencies or organizations engaged in this work.
  • Other Strategies were drawn from national clearinghouses that meet the highest standards for both quality of evidence and effectiveness in changing health outcomes.

Sources of Evidence-Based Strategies provides links to some of the national clearinghouses with searchable databases of public health prevention strategies and programs that have been evaluated using a systematic review of peer-reviewed scientific literature.