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Healthy Alaskans 2020

Alaska’s state health improvement plan, Healthy Alaskans 2020 (HA2020) brings together partners from many sectors across the state to improve health and ensure health equity for all Alaskans through shared understanding, united efforts, and collective accountability.

Led jointly by the State of Alaska Department of Health and Social Services and Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium, HA2020 is a framework of 25 health priorities for Alaska. Each priority has its own target for improvement to reach by 2020. This framework is based on the latest scientific evidence and the input of Alaskans from communities across the state.

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Stay Involved

We hope you stay involved in the Healthy Alaskans process. Keep checking back to this website for updates, and for information on how to integrate the work of Healthy Alaskans into your work, please contact

New Publications

HA2020 Scorecards Available: 2020 Update

Each year, annual scorecards are published here (with links) that show, in a graphic format, our progress to date on each health priority and goal. This makes it easy to see which health issues we need to work harder on and which ones we changing for the better.

HA2020 Scorecards: Regional Editions, 2017

Healthy Alaskans data in action around Alaska!

Mobilizing Action through Planning and Partnership (MAPP) of the Southern Kenai Peninsula (SKP) is using Healthy Alaskans Leading Health Indicators in their Community Health Status Assessment. They are also using the HA2020 regional data availability document to identify and access Southern Kenai Peninsula community –level data. Congratulations to MAPP of the SKP on their hard work!

Regional Data Availability

This table offers resources for regional data for each of the 25 HA2020 Leading Health Indicators (LHIs). Some of the links lead directly to the regional data and others to sites where data can be pulled together. Note: Some regional data are only available through a data request.

Strategies, Actions, and Key Partners to Reach our 25 Health Improvement Goals

Strategies, Actions, and Key Partners to Reach our 25 Health Improvement Goals, is a compilation of 75 high level, evidence-based, health improvement strategies that support achievement of Alaska’s 25 leading health improvement goals. The document includes activities already underway and activities that are recommended but not currently funded. Additionally, this document identifies Key Partners from across Alaska who are contributing to the improvement of outcomes associated with the 25 Leading Health Indicators.

In addition to this document, each of the 25 Leading Health Indicators contained in this compilation document can be viewed and downloaded as separate documents:

Contact HA2020

For more information related to HA2020, please email

HA2020 Co-Chairs

Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium - Division of
Community Health Services:

  • Cheryl Dalena
    Tobacco Prevention and Control Program
    3900 Ambassador Drive, Suite 201
    Anchorage, Alaska 99508

State of Alaska, Department of Health and Social Services, Division of Public Health:

  • Lisa McGuire, MPH
    Public Health Quality & Performance Improvement Manager
    Division of Public Health
    3601 C Street, Ste. 756
    Anchorage, AK 99503
    (907) 334-2106

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