Healthy Alaskans 2020




Team Organization


State of Alaska -
Division of Public Health
Lisa DH Aquino, MHS
Community Health Improvement Manager
3601 C Street
Anchorage, AK 99503

Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium - Division of
Community Health Services

Emily Read
Operations Director
3900 Ambassador Drive, Suite 401
Anchorage, AK 99508
(907) 729-3941

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Data and Information Used in the Process

The ANTHC and SOA served as the coordinating body for the HA2020 process.  An Advisory Team consisting of stakeholders from across Alaska reviewed public input, considered data, gleaned information from subject matter experts and compiled recommendations for the 25 LHIs that were submitted to the Steering Team for final approval.  Throughout the year they used information and input from a variety of sources to inform their recommendations of 25 Leading Health Indicators.  The initial prioritization by the HA2020 Advisory Team went from hundreds of indicators to 71 potential leading health indicators.  A report of these 71 potential leading health indicators is available.  The input provided to the Advisory Team to make their final recommendation of 25 Leading Health Indicators is listed below. 

Public Input: Input was solicited from Alaskans through two surveys; the first asked which broad health categories and specific health topics were important to respondents and the second asked participants to prioritize concerns from a list of potential indicators.  The concerns and priorities identified were compiled and analyzed at a statewide and regional level.  This information was provided to the Advisory Team to inform their selection of the 25 LHIs.

Community of Interest Survey One Results:
September 17-October 22, 2012

Alaskans were invited to take Survey One between September 17 and October 22, 2012 and provide information on health priorities in their lives and in their communities. The results were used to formulate Survey Two, and all of the information from these surveys will help inform the process and guide health efforts in our state based on common health goals over the next decade.

Community of Interest Survey Two Results:
January 14 – February 28, 2013

The results from Survey Two are now available! Alaskans were invited to take the survey between January 14 and February 28, 2013. In addition to collecting more information on general health areas of concern for individuals and their communities, Survey Two was designed to identify specific health measures, or indicators, most meaningful to Alaskans and their communities.

Data input: Statewide and national data included information about leading causes of mortality, morbidity, and trends in health behaviors and risk factors. Both state and national resources were utilized. National data on root causes of death and determinates of health were also used. One major report of this data background is the Health Status Progress Report.

Health Status Progress Report

In this Alaska Health Status Progress Report, an overview of the Healthy Alaskans 2010 leading health indicators is provided and, where available, the data are updated to track progress. The most recent data available at the time of writing are provided for each leading health indicator. Generally, the Healthy Alaskans 2010 leading health indicators were selected to closely replicate the national indicators; however, in some cases alternative indicators were selected that were more relevant for Alaska. Over the decade, some of the indicators and measures were modified, due to improvements in questions on surveys or other reporting or analysis changes. These changes have been indicated on the summary sheets in this report.

Subject Matter Experts: The Advisory Team was comprised of subject matter experts from a wide spectrum of disciplines including physical and behavioral health, disabilities, education, early childhood development, youth, aging,  environmental health, recreational land, law enforcement (or criminal justice), public health, health care, health insurance, and health policy.  Data experts from across the state assisted in the collection and interpretation of data. Other subject matter experts were consulted as needed. 

Current Plans for Healthy Alaskans 2020

  • The planning and implementation phase will take 18 to 24 months.
  • Milestones


Healthy Alaskans 2020 is a statewide framework that has the goal of improving the health of all Alaskans. Once the framework is complete, it will include specific objectives and targets, as well as tools for how to reach those targets and updated data to track those targets over time. Healthy Alaskans 2020 will bring health data, priority targets, local resources, and a wealth of public health and related information to one user-friendly location. Alaskans will have the tools they need to access, understand, and utilize the public health data that affect the quality of life in their communities. The tools, data, and resources can also be used to help set community health goals and evaluate progress.

  • Community groups, schools, health associations, chambers of commerce, non-profits, and many other organizations can use this information to support their missions.
  • Planners and state agencies can use this data to establish community health goals on a variety of platforms.
  • Legislators, advocates, and policy analysts will always have the latest and most relevant data to use as they attempt to influence and create public health policy.


The collaborative nature of the Healthy Alaskans 2020 initiative beings with the joint-effort between the State of Alaska Department of Health and Social Services and the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium, but it does not end there. This unique statewide effort allows communities from all over Alaska to contribute information and ideas. The goal is to strengthen and build healthier communities by providing health status information and an agenda for priority health targets with planning and action tools to help reach those targets. 


The Healthy Alaskans 2020 initiative ties into a rich history of public health planning and improvement in Alaska. Major efforts in past decards culminated in Healthy Alaskans 2000 and Healthy Alaskans 2010. Public health improvement activities in Alaska closely paralell comparable efforts at the national level, like those of Healthy People.