Office Of Children's Services

Policy Revisions per Tanana decision - December, 2012

Links to the draft policy sections revised as a result of the Alaska Supreme Court’s decision in State v. Native Village of Tanana are listed below.  The Office of Children’s Services and the Department of Law have been working to revise portions of OCS’s Policies and Procedures manual to reflect changes to the agency’s internal procedures.  The Office of Children’s Services has operated under temporary policy since May 2011.

P>The intent of this effort is to guide social workers and other OCS staff in their interactions with tribal personnel when there is a potential or ongoing OCS investigation and when a tribe initiates child protection proceedings in tribal court. We are seeking input on the Tanana-related revisions to the OCS manual. We ask that you submit any comments to OCS Policy Administrator, Natalie Powers ( by March 1, 2013.

After the comment period has ended, we will review all comments and decide whether to make additional modifications to the proposed P&Ps.  If, in reviewing the comments, we feel that it would be helpful to discuss specific issues in person, we will contact you about possible dates and times for a meeting.