InDHSS: Employee Newsletter


August 2010


Understanding Alaska Performance Gauges


By Tim Huffman
ORCA Project Manager

Ever wonder how OCS Safety and Permanency measures compare to the National Standard and to our own goals? The information is posted on the OCS home page.

Each of the six “Performance Gauges” lists the Safety or Permanency measure, the state score, the PIP (Program Improvement Plan) Goal, and the National Standard. A color-coded dashboard graphic shows how much we’ve improved since the 2008 CFSR Review, how much we’ve exceeded our initial improvement goal, and how that score compares to the National Standard.

Alaska is doing well; we exceed the National Standard in three areas and we are barely below it in two others.

The example below is for Placement Stability. To review the other areas, go to the OCS home page, scroll down to the OCS Practice Model section, and click on the Data Profile —Performance Gauges link.

The Gold section begins at zero and ends at our 2008 CFSR Review score.

The Blue section begins at the 2008 CFSR score and ends at the score we targeted for improvement in our CFSR Performance Improvement Plan (PIP).

The Green section begins at the PIP target score. If the measure exceeds the National Standard, as in this example, the green section ends at our current score. If the measure is less than the National Standard, this section ends at the national standard.


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