InDHSS: Employee Newsletter


August 2010


""New to the Pipeline


By Christy Lawton

Starting with this issue, we will be doing a feature story routinely on a select group or section of staff that have specific duties, and with whom many of you may interact at various points in time. These features will allow us to put a face to a name, and hopefully will help you understand when to call and whom to call if you have an issue needing attention. Thank you to the Anchorage management team for being our first featured group!

Also new this month, but recurring in coming issues, are some data points of interest. Data are a critical component of child welfare that help us define the population we serve, measure the effectiveness of our interventions, and help educate about the scope of the problem. Each issue we will share data that we believe are of most interest or that we most often receive requests about. If you’ve never looked, I would also encourage you to check our website under the “statistics” heading where you find a lot of other data that may be of interest or use to you.

Lastly, I want to encourage you to submit your ideas for future editions. What do you want to learn more about or what do you want to better understand about how OCS operates? All suggestions are welcome. Please submit them to


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