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August 2010


Anchorage Adoption Unit News: Reunification Picnic

By Rose Sandhofer, Anchorage Adoption Worker

On Aug. 1, 2013, Anchorage hosted the 5th Annual Family Reunification Celebration Event. OCS does a great job each year of celebrating adoptions, but little in the way of celebrating the successes of families within our system.

Before retiring as the Anchorage Regional Adoption Specialist, it was Gail Stadig’s dream to develop an annual reunification celebration with families who have successfully reunified with their children who were in out-of-home care or cases that successfully closed after intensive in-home services.

The tradition continues, and this year it was at the Alaska Zoo. More than 18 families participated this year with food, recognition and fun. After the celebration, each family group received free passes to the zoo. The weather was good, mosquitoes few, and bears out for all to see.

Reunification of children with their parents is an awesome experience to witness — just being a small part of their celebration and seeing parents and children so happy is wonderful.


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