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Iliya Stepanov
The OCS Interview: Meet Iliya Stepanov!

Name:  Iliya Stepanov

Job Title: Data Processing Manager / ORCA Project Manager

Birthplace: Saransk, Soviet Union

Years with SOA: This is my third year at SOA. The Department of Environmental Conservation had me for two years prior to me wandering off to explore the corporate world for another five years, and now I am back in state service.

Last movie watched: Doctor Who marathon

5 QUESTIONS for Iliya Stepanov

1. What do you believe is the most important thing OCS does for Alaskans?

Children are our future and a safe, healthy future for the children means strong and healthy families. OCS works to both keep the Alaskan children safer and to strengthen families, thus promoting a better future for all Alaskans.

2. What are your priorities in your new position? 

My current priorities include becoming very familiar with all sides of the ORCA project, ORCA team and the rest of the OCS staff and programs. My vision is of ORCA and its functional units as one efficient and streamlined system helping the OCS to deliver on its mission.

3.  How would you describe your personal work style?

I enjoy working with people, engaging in strategic thinking and creatively overcoming everyday challenges. Creativity and daily interaction with all of you make my work fun and enjoyable.

4. What’s something people would be surprised to learn about you?

I love cooking and building and tuning high performance cars.

5. What single thing would you like to tell the other employees of OCS?

I want to thank each and every one of you for your dedication to building a safer, better future for the children of Alaska.

Bonus question:

  • Cat or dog?

Both. We have two cats and would like to get a Standard Schnauzer.


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