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Ready, Set, Implement!

By Kim Guay, Child Welfare Administrator

After many months, and for some folks, years, we are finally implementing our new Family Services Assessment (FSA) model statewide. We have spent many of the past months training OCS staff on the new framework for case planning and evaluation of behavioral change. We are hopeful this new framework, and the addition of Motivational Interviewing skills, will bring positive outcomes for the families we work with.

You may be wondering, now that OCS staff are trained, what’s next? Great question! We have learned from our past and recognize that simply attending trainings does not necessarily lead to successful implementation. Our Regional Management staff will be continually training and disseminating information to our stakeholders and partners about this new model and what they can expect from us. 

Our Juneau Field Office has already started training their community partners and stakeholders.  We are hearing many positive comments from our tribal partners — Tlingit and Haida — about the new model as well as the collaboration and proactive thinking in both transparency and sharing of information. Great job Juneau!

There will be many upcoming webinars everyone is invited to attend and well as Captivate trainings on how the new case plan will work in ORCA. Local supervisors and management will also be providing some additional training as times goes by. 

Our new policies and forms in ORCA all “go live” Dec. 17, 2013. Here are some quick highlights of changes:

  • Case will transfer from Initial Assessment to Family Services much quicker
  • Trauma screening for both parents and children prior to case plan development
  • Use of time to develop buy-in from parents in helping write their own case plan
  • Use of primary and alternate permanency goals from the beginning

Evaluation tool used to guide process of looking for behavioral change rather than case plan compliance.


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